It will be a sight to see next weekend as many classic and wooden boats cruise along Lake Rotoiti for an annual parade.

The annual Classic and Wooden Boat Parade is taking place at 11am on February 9.

Lake Rotoiti Classic and Wooden Boat Association commodore Grant Wallace says the hobby of classic wooden boats is similar to that of classic cars, and that people come from all over for the parade.

He says the parade features boats of all sorts, including sailing boats, wooden dinghies with outboards on the back, small launches, large launches and old classic speedboats.


The parade includes some boats which are not wooden, but are considered classic, he says.

"The definition of classic these days is broad, there isn't really a definition of it.

"It's what we all perceive as being a design that has features which we think are lovely."

The parade starts in the Okere Arm, just along from the Okere Falls Store towards Rotorua, where there is a grassy area beside the lake for public viewing of the boats as they parade by the starting area.

There will be a commentary over a PA system about each boat as it passes by.

The parade tracks back down the Okere Arm to Okawa Bay, where it does a loop and then heads back out into the main part of the lake to end at Wairau Bay, which is only accessible by boat, for a good "old fashioned" picnic.

At Wairau Bay the boats are lined so people can look at each other's boats and there are games for the children.

Grant says the parade normally has about 80 to 100 participants, making it one of the biggest - if not the biggest - events of its type in New Zealand.

Spectators watch on as the Classic and Wooden Boat Parade takes place on Lake Rotoiti in 2017. Photo / File
Spectators watch on as the Classic and Wooden Boat Parade takes place on Lake Rotoiti in 2017. Photo / File

"Somehow or other, classic things these days seem to attract attention.


He says the boats in this parade are not easily seen because they are usually in people's sheds or at their jetties.

"You wouldn't normally see them all come out."

People can still register to take part in the parade. For more information go to