Five-year-old Emily Packham's books are in her pink, spotty backpack and her named drink bottle at the ready but she has a small case of first-day butterflies coming up to the big day.

"I'm a bit excited and a bit scared to start," said Emily, whose transition from the Tree House Daycare centre to Glenholme Primary School is less than 200m.

Jittery because she did not know anyone in her class and would miss her friends and teachers at day care.

Despite the nerves, the youngest of four would be joining her sister Loralie, Year 3, and brother Sam, Year 5, at the school.


The trio are ready to hit the playgrounds together with a decision that Loralie would be the lucky one to get first dibs playing with her younger sister.

Because Loralie's class was closer, she would meet Emily first and Sam would come later to check on them both.

Emily was, however, a bit disappointed she just missed out on being at school with David, her eldest brother, who had moved to intermediate.

Emily already liked her teacher, who she said gave her a hug and already knew she was a good learner with her thirst to learn to read quite strong.

"I like books with bunnies. And getting learning books (early readers) from the library."

Mother Jenny Packham said she was looking forward to Emily starting school and knew she would love it. She said the easy drop-offs and pick-ups were an added bonus.

"It's nice to know she has the bigger kids there if she needs them and that she already knows the layout and some of the teachers and other kids."