A Rotorua woman is inviting people to take a trip down memory lane, and share those memories with the rest of the community.

Alison Brown is starting on Rotorua Retro Four - the fourth in a series of books of collections of early memories of Rotorua.

She says she already has an extensive database of potential participants but wants to invite the wider public to share memories.

"I am collecting stories from everyone who can write their own early memories of Rotorua, not memories of early Rotorua.


"I feel there are so many stories that haven't been told and could be told."

Alison says it can be quite therapeutic for the writers to remember back and remember people they've known.

She says for the community these books are a great way to bond.

"The launches are amazing in that people get to meet each other and read each others' stories, and say, 'Oh my goodness, I remember that, I was there'."

She says there are about 40 contributors per book.

"The model is something that could be replicated throughout New Zealand. I think every community needs its social history told."

Alison says what she loves about putting the books together is the outcome, and seeing the way people discover themselves through contributing.

"They actually get quite enthusiastic. It's like they are a waka in full paddle and I get put on board, and there's nothing I can do but go on the ride with them."

She says what she thinks is important is the books are by locals for locals, and are 100 per cent locally produced.

"We've never had printing done overseas and the memories are of Rotorua."

Alison says this will be her last Rotorua Retro book, but if there is anyone out there who would like to take over she would be "absolutely thrilled" to hear from them.

The Rotorua Retro series was initiated in 2014, and was compiled by both Alison and Rotorua's Ynys Fraser who was the inspiration for the project.

Those who would like to contribute their memories can get in touch with Alison by emailing alib@memoriesmatter.co.nz.

The Rotorua Retro books cost $29.99 and can be bought from McLeods Booksellers.