As I read the Daily Post article on December 17, I found myself "musing" over the museum matters.

To muse is to consider something thoughtfully. While it was a "phenomenal gift" of $10 million donated by the Rotorua Trust, I was dismayed by the next paragraph, stating the latest costings had increased from $30m to between $40m to $47m.

Am I wrong to look a "gift horse" in the mouth?

$15m will be debt on the Long Term Plan, costing the ratepayers $600,000 in interest per annum.


The council is looking to government and other funding agencies to help with the remaining $20m to $25m.

Yet, the council has still not revealed to the ratepayers how much of the repair cost, will be covered under the museum's insurance policy.

They've informed us that strengthening work is not covered under the policy, but surely sudden damage from an earthquake is, otherwise why insure the museum at all?

The council claims it is transparent with its affairs, however with the insurance mystery, I wonder if others are left "not amused". (Abridged)

Tracey McLeod

Education costs

Those who baulk at the cost of an education, it is negligible to that of stupidity, poverty, poor decisions, bad choices and a life scraping at on the edges of society with nil understanding of how life works, blaming and looking to others to bail them out of any situation.

With the whole of the educational sector heading for a total revamp I have the forlorn hope that minimum standard that will apply is that every child who leaves school must have a basic standard of reading writing and mathematics, how to budget, their rights when buying goods and services, their way around a bank, how to cook, how to put a condom on or take the pill, set an alarm clock and all other life skills that teach their true value, their self worth and belief and the absolute accountability for their own decisions and actions as their destiny is not a matter of chance but an outcome of choice.

Higher education and its attendant costs purchased with interest free loans are a contract between us the taxpayer who funds it, and those students that benefit ... the universities are funded via it.

The cost of those that default on these student loans are funded by those of us grafting, the size of the debt is indicative of a failed model ... the irony is not lost that those in higher education and those that provide it despite their intellect chose to be wilfully blind to an inherent obligation to honour the trust and faith placed in them.

Paul Evans-McLeod

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