At the end of her final year as principal of Rotokawa School

Briar Stewart

has reflected on the year that was.

Our school has had a great year of living our school values and taking part in a wide range of learning that has encompassed our local environment as well as a trip to Wellington for a lucky 28 students.


We have the happiest children who embrace being a kid and having fun. With the support of whānau and school, they have the courage to give everything a go. We aim for them to have self-belief and grow into citizens that are keen to contribute to the world around us. We are all proudly from Rotokawa School and will always be so.

This is my final year as principal at our school. It has been a dream job as we have continued to develop positively to meet the learning and social needs of our children today. We love that our kids play heartily and support each other in whatever games or learning we are undertaking.

Thanks to all of our supportive whānau who help us get out and about with our kids; those who coach and manage sports team; and those who help around our school. Without your support, kids learning would remain inside the school gates and on screens.

Our new principal, Regan Williams, begins in 2019. I am confident he has a great sense of fun and will continue to grow our happy school.

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