I note in the news recently that science educators (and others) are disappointed that "just 20 per cent of children in their final year of primary and intermediate schooling are reaching the expected level of the curriculum in science".

Maybe the lack of books in the Rotorua public library on science (and technology) subjects reflects this lack of competency by schools and their staff?

Peter Dare

Rotorua pride

I grew up in Rotorua in the '50s, and even though I have lived in Australia since 1971, have returned many, many times to Rotorua.

I congratulate the council and other local bodies who have continued to keep Rotorua the great place it was and still is, especially as a tourist destination.

The newly improved waterfront area is certainly another reason to still be proud of Rotorua together with all the other great places such as The Redwood trails.

Keep up the good work and positive visions for a place well loved.


Wendy (Longstaff) Bull
Sydney, Australia

Wastewater options

Re "Our Taonga not a toilet" (Local News, December 4), I must agree with the hapū but also for the added reason that discharging treated wastewater into our lakes is, in fact, the throwing away of a valuable resource.

Why not reinstate and expand, if necessary, the irrigation of Whaka Forest with our treated wastewater? It would be largely taken up by the forest vegetation (enhancing tree growth and productivity) and eliminate the need to discharge it into our lakes.

Properly-managed very little would enter the ground water system.

David Preest

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