Liz Koh hit the nail on the head (Money, November 30) with this article but whether people will heed the warning is a different story as we all know financial stress is the worst type of stress you can have.

It can break up marriages which is extra stress on everyone involved - is it really worth the risk?

I may be a bit of a layman but in my opinion you should never borrow money to invest.

To expand your business, sure, where you have control over the money spent and most importantly the return on it.

I know you don't get a huge return on money deposited in the bank but it is safe - no risk involved.


Isn't it worth it to lead a stressless life as possible?.

Gavin Muir

Nation's health

While I heartily applaud the Government's decision to lower the cost of visiting the doctor, that is only one-third of the problem where the nation's health is concerned.

Everything we eat affects the health we experience, and everything we eat goes into our stomachs through our mouths - and is chewed by our teeth.

I have been in some poor countries and seen the state of the people's teeth but nowhere have I seen teeth as bad as here in New Zealand - and not just on people on a low income but on many people who should be able to afford better.

The cost of dentistry in NZ is shocking. Even simple dental repairs to false plates are appallingly expensive - and, in my opinion, the standard of this work is not very good either.

Something really needs to be done to rectify this situation, I rate it as more important than the visits to the GP.

Jim Adams

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