A couple weeks back the council distributed flyers throughout the CBD explaining the new iPark system, writing "it's important that you know how changes in Rotorua's inner city parking may affect you" and ending with "Current parking zones remain the same".

However, just ask workers on Pukaki St and they'll tell you that the flyer was quite misleading.

Many arrived to work last week to find the carpark they'd parked in outside their work every day for years had overnight been changed to a time-limited pay space.

In my view, the rollout of the iPark system provides a good opportunity to further simplify the parking zones, and Pukaki St is looking much improved now that the old parking meters have been removed.


Many inner city retailers and businesses that I have spoken to expressed a want for more logical parking zones, which the council seem to be delivering. Plus the changes will make it easier for clients to find a park outside their premises, helping them thrive, albeit workers will have to walk a couple extra minutes to work – which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

But for the council to make changes literally under the cover darkness while confusing the public by saying nothing will change, then making changes, is at best not good enough, and at worst a massive failure in communication and consultation.

The council must urgently communicate if any further changes are planned, both to maintain public confidence in the iPark system, and to give people surety again.

Ryan Gray

Rubbish letter

Thank you council for allowing the rubbish collection to start earlier. For too long I have watched drivers navigate their trucks between parked cars, inaccessible bins, people trying to exit or enter parking spaces. It was for this very reason I urged councillors in the planning stages to allow the old system to remain, in the inner CBD.

Infra core have been incredibly patient. Well done team.

Carolyn Spitz

Whining landlords

I have a simple but oft-heard message for the whining landlords of NZ: it's not about you.

If all landlords descended directly from some alien planet of unearthly moral purity, where Mother Theresa seemed like a criminal by comparison, it would mean nothing.

The material point is that by their deeds NZ landlords are disenfranchising all generations of New Zealanders to come.

Why does the Government, which is supposed to represent all New Zealanders, do nothing?

Is it only wealthy Kiwis and foreign, absentee landlords who are represented in parliament?

GJ Philip

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