A father and daughter duo will rock it out together in a theatre show before the daughter starts a new chapter overseas.

Rotorua Musical Theatre's Rock of Ages is the first theatre show Mike and Brogan Hastie have taken part in together.

It is Brogan's last show before she heads to England to live, and so her father auditioned to do this last show with her.

This will be Brogan's third show with Rotorua Musical Theatre.


Brogan said her move to England did not have a time stamp on it, and she wanted to do some travelling and see more of the world.

She had noticed her father had always been interested when she had done shows previously, so she pushed him to give Rock of Ages a go.

Brogan said it had been great to work with her father in a cast environment - "I think it's brought us closer in that respect".

She is playing Sherrie, one of the lead characters, and said she had enjoyed meeting new people.

"I think this musical is something different to what we've done before, like Dreamgirls, it's not your traditional musical."

Rock of Ages is set in the 80s and includes all the 80s' classic rock numbers.

It's Mike's first time being in a theatre show, making the experience all new and exciting.

"I haven't done any dance whatsoever and can bust the moves onstage now.


"It's just like being part of a big family."

He said it was amazing to be part of the show with his daughter.

"I went to see her here when she was in The Addams Family and it was certainly a proud father-daughter moment."

Mike plays the father of Sherrie - Brogan's character - and is part of the ensemble.

"It's just a great story, great music, and we've got a live band which is absolutely fabulous. Most people like the music from the 80s and recognise the songs."

He said the audience was in for a real treat with this show.

Director Steve Holmes said it had been a privilege to get to know Mike and see father and daughter rock it out together.

"Both have put so much effort into this and are doing an amazing job.

"Not only has Mike been busy with rehearsals, but we discovered his incredible creative talent for making props and he has been a huge support to our props designer."

Rock of Ages is Holmes' first show as a director.

"There have been many hurdles which have been overcome and many wonderful moments.

"I have been blessed with such a wonderful production team and talented cast who have all put their heart and soul into this project.

The details
- What: Rock of Ages theatre show
- When: October 12 to 27
- Where: Casa Blanca Theatre
- Tickets: Available at www.ticketmaster.co.nz