A Rotorua service is both in need of volunteers and keen to remind people of their work which caters for everyone.

The St John Health Shuttle runs Monday to Friday, and picks people up from their home to take them to any medical appointments, as well as taking people home after.

The earliest appointment the shuttle runs for is 8am and the latest is 3.30pm.

The shuttle picks people up half an hour before the appointment and people need to give at least 24 hours' notice.


There is no charge but a donation appreciated.

St John Rotorua area committee fundraising spokeswoman Sue Wedgwood says the health shuttle has been running for about 17 years.

She says the number of people making use of the service sways all the time, but that a lot of people have the opinion it is only for older people. However, it is available for any age.

Sue says the shuttle will also drop people at the door which solves people's parking problems, and one of the shuttles has a hoist so it can take wheelchairs and people with mobility problems.

Sue says she has been involved with the health shuttle for five or six years.

Trainee, Cherry Veen, is from an education background, and has found that people do not take their children to appointments because they had no way of getting there.

"Just in the short time I've been training I can see it's an essential community service, and people are so grateful, because some people have no other means of getting to their appointments."

They say it is also a means of social contact for people, as they chat on the way.


Those who would like to become a volunteer or make use of the service can call (07) 349 7658 and leave a voice message.