What's wrong with our Lakefront?

Now the council wants to waste more money changing something that is world renowned, just for the sake of it.

Why must we pursue someone's dream by spending $19.9 million on something that works perfectly well as it is?

Those who want change for the sake of it are a bunch of nutters in my opinion.


There are places in this world that people flock to see that have remained untouched for many centuries and people can't wait to go and look at them.

Just look at that silly plan and ask why there's a need for a 600m long, 5m wide boardwalk? Where are the parking places for all the thousands of visitors to park?

Read the article in the local rag and ask yourself why and how much more attractive is it going to make Rotorua.

I can't wait for the next local body elections. (Abridged)

Rod Petterson

MP McClay thanked
I would like to publicly thank our national MP Todd McClay for not only meeting with me over my concern about the closure of the Post Shop in the CBD, but, for also keeping his word and for taking the time out of his busy schedule to phone me back, twice, after his meeting with New Zealand Post.

Now having been stung with a postal charge to Australia which was incorrect (over $13) I would also like to thank the very experienced customer services ladies at Westend Post Shop for confirming this over-charge and giving me advice as to a remedy.

It is all very well to have alternative places to which one can fulfill their postal needs but, the staff need to be fully trained.


Pauleen Wilkinson


Just recently on the 6pm news it showed the inhumane treatment given to the elephants in Thailand.

A really sad watch. So if you're visiting this country, hopefully you'll give the elephant rides a miss.

Yvonne Kilmore