Learning about new cultures and having a multicultural mix-and-mingle is the focus of an event this weekend.

Rotorua Multicultural Council is inviting the community to an Asian Mid-Winter Celebration at Rotorua Library.

This celebration is to showcase informal cultural performances from Korea, Philippines, China and Taiwan.

People can go along from 11.30am, with lunch starting at 12pm.


Rotorua Multicultural Council executive officer Waitsu Wu says there will be a couple of traditional dishes from each nation for people to try.

However, since they do not know how many people will turn up, people need to bring their own lunches too.

After lunch people from each nation will do a 'My story my way' presentation.

Waitsu says each person will talk briefly in their native language and get people to guess what they are talking about.

They will then show their national costumes and there will be a chance for people to mix and mingle.

Waitsu says the council is trying to give people a feel of what it is like to live in these countries and to have a bit of fun.

She says the event will give migrants the opportunity to build friendships with local people and is a chance for locals to experience a new, different culture.

"A lot of people probably don't have experience in how to mingle with people from different cultures, but this is a friendly atmosphere and everyone can mingle."


April Lee from Korea says her family came to Rotorua a month ago and she is looking forward to taking this opportunity to get to know other people and learn more about the culture as well.

The details
- What: Asian Mid-Winter Celebration
- When: Sunday July 1, 11.30am to 2pm
- Where: Discovery Space Rotorua Library
- Cost: No charge but bring a plate of your own lunch to share.