I've got a gripe with a loans company.

My wife got a letter from them out of the blue, even got her name spelt right, telling her how easy it was to get a loan from them in three easy steps all online.

First of all how are they getting this personal information?

Secondly, in my opinion they are preying on the vulnerable. You can imagine someone who's struggling with bills and out of the blue getting a letter like this. Temptation killed the cat, I would liken it to a drug addict who is trying to get clean given board at a crack house.


To anyone contemplating using loan sharks, don't. Go and see your bank and if they say "no", go without for as long as it takes to build up your finances to be in a position to borrow money.

Gavin Muir

Royal Lego set
I was so pleased to see that I could get a royal wedding Lego set featuring Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and many of the royal family, well at least the main ones.

I wondered who else was available and yes many world leaders were available - Trump, Putin, Kim Jong-un but not Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Some of them were not genuine - not genuine Lego pieces that is.

Like most people who played with Lego as children this brings back memories of fun but also of stepping on those sharp edges of a Lego piece, although several of the leader pieces are much more rounded and won't hurt as much.

The leaders have been playing with the people of the world and now the people of the world can play with the leaders.

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Dennis Fitzgerald
Melbourne, Australia