"Peg it up as just another privilege for Maori" (Letters, February 8).

Like Don Brash and his ilk, Mike McVicker spreads outrage without thought for historical wrongs which led to legislation to allow trustees of the Te Arawa Lakes Trust being able to make bylaws for the Te Arawa fisheries area.

The very fish species which the proposed bylaws seek to protect are the species which were significantly depleted thanks to the introduction of exotic fish species by the Crown. Te Arawa petitioned the Crown for several years with their concerns about the depleted indigenous species which Te Arawa depended on for food, hospitality, trade, and koha, but were ignored.

Is it really a privilege that Te Arawa were ignored for so long?


In my view it is only fair that Te Arawa should be able to introduce management practices which align with the kaitiakitanga of Te Arawa to ensure the future of the fishery while allowing for customary and cultural practices, for if the Crown never restricted these in the first place, then perhaps there would have been no need for the proposed bylaws today.

As for Barry Grouby and his request to see the English translation of Maori fish species so "we can know what we are talking about" (Letters, February 8), it does make me wonder how he ever makes it home to 'Rotorua', of which I have never known the English translation - nor have I ever had the need.


While considering protecting native fish, which is admirable, should we also consider eradicating trout which are an introduced predator?


I have watched the rise of Steven Adams over the years with interest and a certain amount of pride. Yet another person from Rotorua that has done very well in their chosen field.

However, even though Steven is making a somewhat impressive mark with the Oklahoma City Thunder we should stop calling it the S Adams OCT. Let us not forget that he is only one member of a very good team.

There is also the risk that we are beginning to sound like our friends across the ditch.

Lake Tarawera