Coins, bark and postage stamps are just some of the resources used to decorate the fish which will be released into the community this month.

The artists taking part in the 13th Fish Out of Water Trail gathered together on Tuesday night at the Arts Village with their completed fish.

Fish Out of Water is an arts trail of trout in Rotorua's inner city during December and January, which members of the public can walk.

The trail is also set up so people have the opportunity to see murals in the inner city too.


There are 13 fish altogether and they will be set up around town from Tuesday.

Fish Out of Water co-ordinator Jill Walker says it is inspiring to see the finished fish.

"Every one is totally wonderful and unique."

Post stamps is one of the resources used to decorate the fish. Photo/Natascha Hartzuiker
Post stamps is one of the resources used to decorate the fish. Photo/Natascha Hartzuiker

Jill says the artists involved range in age and the mediums they used to create their fish artworks.

"I think it's exciting because there will be something for everyone who comes and looks at the fish."

She is incredibly thankful to everyone who has taken part and to the hosts of the fish, who have the important job of looking after them.

Artist Ross Dunn is taking part for the first time this year, saying he was inspired by previous entrants and is keen to explore this creative pathway.

His fish has been created using bark, drawing his inspiration from nature's interconnectivity.

Ross says he has enjoyed collecting the resources to assemble on the fish, getting help from his eight-year-old son.

He says putting the bark together on the fish was like a jigsaw puzzle, but without any rights or wrongs.

Jill says people who take photos of the fish while checking out the trail are encouraged to send them into the Fish Out of Water Facebook page.