Rotorua Library has a brand new design for its cards to reflect an 'exciting new era'.

On February 3, Te Aka Mauri Rotorua Library and Children's Health Hub will open.

As part of the lead up the library is launching a new library card.

The card features new Te Aka Mauri branding and includes the library's new logo, tukutuku pattern and an image of the building itself.


Te Aka Mauri's logo was inspired by the tukutuku panels at Tamatekapua Marae at Ohinemutu.

It also draws inspiration from the concept of open books representing open minds and the cross representing healthcare.

The colours of Te Aka Mauri's logo are placed in the same order as the colours of the respective floors – blue is the colour of the top floor, then red, yellow and green.

"The new library logo and Te Aka Mauri library cards herald the start of an exciting new era for our library service, and I believe the new 'Te Aka Mauri' branding plays a strong part in reinforcing this," says library programmes and partnerships leader Lois Haddon.

The cards are available free now.

Current members should take their library card or ID to Rotorua Library or the Mobile Library and ask the staff to upgrade them to the new card.

"We want people to be as excited about Te Aka Mauri as we are, get their new library card ahead of time and be a part of the Te Aka Mauri journey," says library communications lead Sandra Quinn.