Locals are welcoming proposed speed limit changes on some of Rotorua's roads.

Following feedback from the community, Rotorua Lakes Council conducted a review of the speed limits of more than 10 roads and streets.

The Rotorua public will now get the chance to voice their opinions on whether speed limits on in the district should change.

The review could see Hamurana Rd, which currently varies between 70km/h and 100km/h be reduced to 70km/h.


Hamurana, Kaharoa and Awahou Ratepayer and Residents Association president Jerry Douglas said the change would be good news for Hamurana.

"It gives uniformity to the whole area," he said.

When the council first announced Hamurana Rd would be up for review, Douglas had a real concern about the inconsistent speeds along the road.

"There has been a lot of crashes on this road, including truck crashes. With limited footpaths and kids playing on the road, we are hoping common sense will prevail and the changes will be made."

He said he would now be hoping the proposed changes make it through.

"There will be lots of people complaining, but theoretically Hamurana residents will be for it."

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On the Eastside Vaughan Rd is also being considered for a uniform speed change which could see the overall speed reduced to 50km/hr.

A spokesman for Rotorua Forest Haulage, based on Vaughan Rd, said the current inconsistencies could be confusing for drivers.

"From our point of view, it's great, we have no issues with the speed limit being lowered.

"At the moment it keeps changing as you drive down it and while it will take a bit of training to get used to the change, I think it's a great idea."

Speed reductions averaged from 10km/h - up to 40km/h on Western Rd and Waiotapu Loop Rd.

Speed limit reductions are proposed for all or parts of: Manawahe Rd, Pongakawa Valley Rd, Western Rd, Brake Rd, Oakland Pl, Pioneer Rd, Mohi Cres, Tarawera Rd, Spencer Rd, Brunswick Drive (including side roads), Okareka Loop Rd, Millar Rd, Waiotapu Loop Rd, road to wastewater treatment plant, Vaughan Rd, Owhata Rd, Hamurana Rd, Kaska Rd, Turner Rd, Te Waerenga Rd and Paradise Valley, Endean, Te Miri and Te Mana Rds.