As soon as she hits the office today mayor Steve Chadwick will be setting up meetings in the wake of Saturday night's election.

Mixed emotions aside, Chadwick said she had a good working relationship ''with all of our three MPs and I will carry on with that good relationship''.

She knew how it felt to lose ... and personally felt sad for Te Ururoa Flavell but ''also delighted to see Tamati in there''.

''You know I would just love to see if we could have a government coalition that is smooth and just carries on for the best interests of Rotorua.''


In her view Labour candidate Ben Sandford also did well.

''If he is serious about politics long-term ... Ben just needs to keep working steadily and lift his profile and it's up to him, lets see if he's interested".

But first and foremost it was her job to work on behalf of Rotorua with central government in the best interests of the city.

''That relationship is really crucial so we can keep things moving and the momentum going.''

Rotorua would need investment to cope with the impact of its growing economy and population and the fact it was a major tourist destination, she said.

''We will see the four-laning of Te Ngae Rd that I have pushing really hard saying it's just got to go right out to the airport. That is really important for us in the eastern suburbs and we have just signed a housing accord we can really get rattling.''

Meanwhile other projects included waste water upgrades and tourism infrastructure.

''I want to keep working with our local MP and make sure investment into Rotorua supports our growth.''