Miss Rotorua pageant contestants had fun and got active while team building this weekend.

The 'Battle of the Queens' took place at Motion Entertainment yesterday, and involved the contestants doing all the activities for a team building day.

The day ended with a viewing of the pageant movie Beautiful.

Pageant training so far has also included catwalk modelling, photoshoots, social etiquette, fashion styling and being educated on charities.


Contestant Leonie Pargeter said meeting everybody throughout the Miss Rotorua journey so far had been lovely.

She said she had been learning a lot and getting right out of her comfort zone.

"I'm pretty proud with how I've been able to roll with what's going on, and showing my kids I'm married and a mother but can still do exciting things like this."

She was excited about experiencing all the activities at Motion Entertainment and her children were "super jealous".

She was looking forward to the Dark Ride XD as she had not done it before.

Mrs Pargeter said the Harcourts Dancing with the Stars night had been the highlight of the journey so far.

"It was pretty exhilarating. We were really lucky to be a part of that."

She said she was grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Miss Rotorua pageant and she encouraged both young and older ladies to take part if they wanted to.

"Don't be scared, you won't regret it."

Mrs Pargeter's grandmother was Mrs Rotorua in 1962, and so she was excited to do something her grandmother had done, she said.

Contestant Candi Sweetman said the journey of Miss Rotorua so far had been an amazing experience as they were connecting with the community and charities, making new friends along the way and learning different things.

Mrs Sweetman has recently been crowned Mrs New Zealand.

She said highlights for her so far had been connecting with her charity for the pageant, Rotorua Community Hospice, and getting to know the other contestants.

She said she was looking forward mixing and mingling with the children at Motion Entertainment and taking part in all the activities they had there.

Julia Manktelow, national brand and sales manager of Motion Entertainment, said they were excited to have the girls there and that team building was an essential part of being in a group environment.