The distraught children of a man who went missing five days ago are too scared to go home until their dad is back with them.

The young sons of Rotorua man Raymond Fleet haven't seen their dad since Monday morning.

The 51-year-old went missing at or around the same time as his 25-year-old nephew James Fleet.

Police are searching for the pair and believe they are together.


"My nine-year-old keeps asking if his dad is ok and where he is. He is too scared to go home," Raymond Fleet's partner Michiko Suzuki told the Herald on Sunday.

Suzuki spoke to Fleet by phone at 1pm on Monday when he was at his mother's house a couple of doors away.

"When I spoke to him everything seemed fine, he was happy, he wasn't angry or scared, he just sounded normal," Suzuki said.

When Suzuki got home from work at 6pm she busied herself getting the washing off the line and preparing dinner but said she didn't see her partner.

"I haven't seen or heard from him since that day.

"His car was here and he always takes his car, he's a truck driver so he loves driving his car."

At around 6.30pm a man knocked on the door at Raymond's mother's house and nephew James Fleet went to the door.

It is understood James Fleet left with the man. Like Raymond, James left without his wallet, shoes and keys.

"We don't know what has happened but if it was a friend at the door then James would have taken things with him," a family member said.

Suzuki tried ringing Raymond that night but he did not answer his phone. The next day the phone went straight to answer machine.

She said it was out of character for him not to call or text her.

Rotorua Detective Sergeant George Staunton said their disappearance was at odds with their normal activities and work commitments.

James Fleet's mother Bronwyn Fleet is desperate for any news from her "gentle natured boy".

"He has a big family, six brothers and sisters with me and three with his dad, who all love him and want him home," Bronwyn Fleet said.

"He's a wonderful brother, they all love him. He's caring and would do anything for anyone.

"We have not heard anything else at all, no one has seen or heard from him," Bronwyn Fleet said.

The family were close and were "always at each other's houses".

James had popped in on Saturday to see his younger siblings and watch TV show Game of Thrones with his mum.

"We can't think of where he might be and can't think of anyone who would want to hurt him."

Any sightings and or information can be directed to the Rotorua Police through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.