Locals will be able to enjoy both art and music as they come together in an upcoming free exhibition.

The show, Kaleidoscape, will be on display from May 28 to June 10 and is a group exhibition created by artists Maggie Covell, Kabuki Doll (Jess Covell) and Chris Miller.

It will include visual elements and soundscapes through installation pieces.

Rotorua-based visual artist Maggie Covell says the exhibition is based around the idea of the kaleidoscope and the associations to memory exploring childhood and the concept of "toys".


The sound elements in the show will create its own landscape of patterns, that will merge to compliment the visual in a kaleidoscope of colour.

Maggie says she will have a series based around a deconstructed musical box, with five large scale paintings on display.

She says Jess has done a mixed media sculpture, two larger scale soft sculptures and five little jewellery soft sculptures.

One of the
One of the "Battle Crowns" handmade from acrylic/wool viscose felt and yarn thread by Kabuki Doll (Jess Covell). Photo/Supplied

On the opening night, Chris will be performing live and from that creating a soundscape, so those not there will still get to hear it, she says.

People will also be able to buy the soundscape at the exhibition.

Maggie says they wanted to have art and music together in their exhibition because they were two things not always associated with each other.

"It will be bright and colourful, and a show where a lot of people can take away something from it.

"I think having a mix of different art forms in one exhibition will spark interest for different people.

She also thinks it is important for the community to support galleries like Helium Gallery.

Maggie says they received funding from the Creative Communities scheme, and have been sponsored by Volcanic Hills Winery, The Croucher Brewing Co, Quick Brown Fox Liqueur and Harpoon Cold Brew Coffee.

Her and Jess are originally from Rotorua, and Maggie has spent the last seven years in Dunedin at university.

Maggie did a double Bachelor of Arts in Art History and English Literature, and an honours degree in Art History.

Jess did a Bachelor of Arts with music and Chris did an honours degree in music.

Chris is originally from the South Island, but runs a small business in Katikati and runs a music festival there with Jess.

Maggie is currently studying at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology and is thinking about doing a masters in Fine Art.