They say "find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life".

I was lucky enough to get into radio at a young age, and that saying certainly rings true for me.

Yes, some days are tough and there are plenty of long days, as many of my listeners have pointed out to me over the years seeing me here, there and everywhere at events around town.

However, most days are full of fun and highlights, with a special one last week.


In the latest radio ratings which came out last week, my show on The Hits Rotorua came out on top as the number one most listened to daytime radio show in Rotorua.

There are plenty of different radio stations out there we are in competition with, so what I do locally with Rotorua content between 9am and 3pm seems to be making a difference which is really cool.

So I just want to say thank you to those readers today who are also listeners -whether it is all day from 9am until 3pm, or just tuning in for small bites here and there.

You all make a difference, and I really do appreciate the support.

The massive changes going on around the political world have continued over the past week, with the election of a relative unknown to the role of French President.

Emmanuel Macron has taken the top role, and at just 39 years old becomes the youngest person to hold the role since Napoleon!

Macron has never held political office before, something he shares with that other president we know all too well in Donald Trump.

One other thing the two presidents have in common is the age gap between themselves and their wives.


The Don is 24 years older than First Lady Melania, while the new French President is 24 years younger than his wife Brigitte Trogneux.

They say love is blind, and so it should be when it comes to age.

However, it certainly is not when it comes to some media, and public speculation.

During the bitter American campaign, Donald Trump was subjected to plenty of nasty story angles, including plenty relating to his marriages with the much younger woman.

The age gap was constantly highlighted and used to paint Trump in a negative light.

However, over the past couple of weeks in France, the large majority of comments about the large age gap with their couple has been largely positive, proclaiming it a true love story, and love conquers all including age and prejudice.

Is this a case of reverse sexism? Or is it what I refer to as Trumpism... It is him so it must be bad? Or is it the romanticism that seems to envelope everything that is France?

Once again the week has rolled by pretty quick and here we are on the cusp of another exciting weekend in Rotorua.

Sporting activities top my list with a day at the races on Saturday for Rotorua Cup Day at Arawa Park, and then Sunday is the ANZ Premiership as our Waikato BOP Magic team host the tough Southern Steel at the Energy Events Centre in Rotorua.

I will be there as MC and The Hits team will have our awesome T-Shirt Cannon for giveaways!

Of course Sunday is also Mothers Day, so around those netball commitments I will be finding time to catch up with my mum, who I know reads this column each week, so Happy Mothers Day mum - see you on Sunday!

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