Colourful costumes, weird and wonderful bikes and lots of fun were the order of the day at one of the most popular events on the Rotorua Bike Festival calendar.

Ride the Runway was held at the Rotorua Airport today after being postponed because of poor weather yesterday.

Rotorua Bike Festival director Megan Dimozantos said despite the postponement about 500 people turned up for the event yesterday.

"I don't think anyone would disagree it was a good decision to postpone.


"It was a bit disappointing, but it was the right call.

"We have to be a bit flexible and dynamic when it comes to the weather and activities like this."

She said the rain possibly affected numbers on the day, but it was still a great turnout with lots of riders wearing costumes, along with the more serious riders looking to bank some fast laps.

One of the events was a "slow race" where riders had to complete a 50m course as slowly as they could.

"It's a lot more skilful than it sounds with a couple of riders showing off some pretty impressive skills without going very far at all."

A few riders came a cropper on the wet surface, but no one was hurt.

Participant Catherine Rose said it was a fun event being that it was held on a working runway, and she would do it again next year.

She got into the spirit of the event by dressing up as the Queen of Hearts playing card.


"It was the first time I've done it, I've only just moved back down to Rotorua and I went out with my sister.

"The whole bike festival has some great events and I was in the Frock on Bikes fashion show on Eat Streat last week.

"It was great the rain went away and it was a really good turnout.

"I think more people should dress up, because it just makes it so much more fun, my sister was dressed up as a chicken, the kids loved her costume.

"Overall, it was a fun family day with lots of kids about," she said.