Being a day overdue with her second baby wasn't enough to stop Talia Jamieson from taking part in the Classic and Wooden Boat Parade - as she has done for the 19 years before.

Mum Rachel Jamieson, who helps organise the event, said her daughter had always taken part in the parade.
The Jamieson family were among the hundreds who either took part in the parade or watched it from the shore.

Mrs Jamieson said the parade yesterday was a "wonderful" occasion.

"There was a good crowd of people, and beautiful weather."


Mrs Jamieson said they tried to promote the parade as being a family day out, and this year's event really had that feel.

"It was good to see all the old boats out, and keeping those old boats alive."

She said some of the boats taking part were more than a century old, and while many were berthed on Lake Rotoiti, it was a spectacular sight to see them all out together.

Mrs Jamieson said she loved getting out in her mum and dad's boat, which was built sometime between 1906 and 1910.

This year she said the jazz band playing at the finish at Wairau Bay was a highlight.

Today the club also held a drift through the Ohau Channel with all sorts of floating devices taking part - ranging from stand-up paddleboards and boogie boards through to couches mounted on kayaks.