The Rotorua Daily Post did a street survey of 30 people today, asking if they had an emergency kit prepared.

Twenty people said they did not, with 10 who did.

According to, the following items should be included in emergency survival packs and getaway kits:

Emergency survival packs and getaway kits:
-Torch and radio with spare batteries, or self-charging torch
-Any special needs such as hearing aids and spare batteries, glasses or mobility aids
-Emergency water and easy-to-carry food rations such as energy bars and dried food.
-First aid kit and essential medicines
-Essential items for infants or young children such as formula and food, nappies and a favourite toy
-Change of clothes (wind/waterproof clothing and strong outdoor shoes)
-Toiletries - towel, soap, toothbrush, sanitary items, toilet paper
-Blankets or sleeping bags
-Face and dust masks
-Pet supplies
-Important documents such as identification (birth certificates, passports etc), financial documents


Food and water for at least three days:
-Non-perishable food (canned or dried food)
-Food, formula and drinks for babies and small children
-Water for drinking - at least three litres per person per day
-Water for washing and cooking
-A primus or gas barbecue to cook on
-A can opener