The case of a Rotorua puppy which was so sick and emaciated that it had to be put down has featured on the SPCA's list of the worst animal abuse cases this year.

As part of its annual appeal this week, the SPCA has released its List of Shame highlighting New Zealand's shameful animal abuse track record with the Rotorua case featuring fifth on the list.

The stray puppy, which was taken to the Rotorua SPCA, was unresponsive and covered in severe mange, emaciated, and suffered from parvovirus - a very contagious and painful illness for dogs.

The puppy had to be euthanased on humane grounds and the person or persons responsible have never been located.

It was just one of the hundreds of cases the Rotorua SPCA deals with each year and with almost no government funding they rely on the public for funding.


Rotorua SPCA staff and volunteers will be pounding the pavements this weekend to raise funds for the 60,000 abused, neglected, and lost animals that come through their doors each year.

Donations to this year's SPCA Annual Appeal can be made to street collectors or online at