Love them or loathe them - two of the controversial dates of the year are on the way.

Both today's Halloween celebrations and Guy Fawkes Night on Saturday are festivities that divide the masses when it comes to opinions on whether or not they should be celebrated.

For some, who see kids in costumes roaming the streets tonight trick or treating, it'll be a case of people taking part in an occasion that is far too commercial and American for our Kiwi kids.

Just as many will see the fireworks that start to bring a bang to night skies this week as a festive celebration that has no place in the New Zealand culture - one that is dangerous, terrorises pets and young children, and should be banned.


As for me, I kind of like them.

Sure, they're traditions that stem from overseas and arguably are more commercial than they should be but the way I look it they're a great way for the kids to have a bit of fun. And we need that.

While I'm not so keen on the idea of kids wandering neighbourhoods banging on strangers doors and asking for lollies, it's fantastic to see events popping up around the place that allow for kids to get dressed up and have the fun of Halloween in a safer manner.

Plenty of local groups are getting in on the act - with Halloween discos and events like the hugely successful one Rainbow Springs held over the weekend.

It'd be great to see Guy Fawkes follow the lead - with less backyard antics and more public displays for those wanting to enjoy the day.

Each year comes the annual call to ban the sale of fireworks to the general public.

Over the coming days it will be time - and the number of callouts the Fire Service has to attend - which will determine whether that is a good idea or not.