This year's Lake Tarawera Spring Fair was bustling in the sunshine, with a number of new stall holders joining the annual event.

Lake Tarawera Spring Fair committee member Andrea Sheffield said the event was "fantastic", with heaps of people shopping this year and not just browsing the stalls.

Mrs Sheffield said it had been a busy atmosphere, and they did a head count between 10am and 11am, and 500 people came through the fair in that time.

She said there were also about 80 stalls this year and it kept getting bigger each year with more people coming through.


"This year we had a lot of new stall holders which was really cool and good to see."

It was a community-based event, everyone was friendly, and a lot of the stall holders were local, she said.

She said there were a range of stalls on offer, including photography, camper's goods, and quite a few hand-made jewellery and baby products.

They tried to get stall holders in who made their own things, she said.

There were also a lot of children's games in stalls and one was raising money for Wingspan, Mrs Sheffield said.

She said a lot of the stalls were based around the Lake Tarawera Sailing Club, as the fair was their main fundraiser.

The fair has been going for over 20 years and is run by the Lake Tarawera Ratepayers Association.

She said the weather was fantastic - "we couldn't have asked for a better day".

Mrs Sheffield said there had been a lot of positive feedback so far.