Won Lee and his family recently moved to Rotorua from Korea but found it hard to make friends, until his son introduced him to Pokemon Go.

"My son [Jeongwook, 8] is always looking for new games to play and I saw this one was a little different from other games.

"He always stays inside and never goes outside, but now he is always asking me to go outside."

Mr Lee said one evening they went out and found a group of others playing in the CBD - Mark Hepi was one of them and he invited the father and son to join. Now they always play with the group.


"We immigrated from Korea so we don't have many friends here and when we come down here [to the Pokemon group] we have made so many new friends.

"They were really warm, nice people. It's been a different experience for me, these people all work during the day and then they come out to play. They take care of my son and help him. I think it's really good for me and my son."

Jeongwook said he loved playing with his dad.

"I just really want to play with Pokemon, after I heard that it came out I was really excited.

"At first I didn't know how to play so I asked my dad and he told me we had to go outside."

Jeongwook said he had caught 126 Pokemon and was at level 26.

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