The Blue Baths bring another instalment of Dexter's adventures to schoolchildren over these holidays and like last year's show, this one has an important message for young and old alike.

This time, Dexter ends up in Africa where he must save the last West African Black Rhino from an evil poacher. He learns about endangered animals and what we, as people, can do to help them.

"We feel very strongly about this year's Dexter. The West African Black Rhino was declared extinct by the IUCN in 2011, and we realised that we had an opportunity to talk about this with the next generation; our children. Kids need to know what is going on in our world; to develop empathy and understanding so that they can take a stand when they get the chance," said writer Jess Sayer.

Not only is the stage a place for entertainment, but it encourages people to think about things they wouldn't otherwise.


"Theatre is such a great forum, not only to have an open discussion with an audience, but to encourage them to leave the theatre thinking."

Dexter's adventures have become popular because he was a relatable character, and the humour in the show catered to all ages, she said.

"After the Auckland shows, we had kids coming up to us to tell us how much they love animals and asking what they can do to help. It was amazing to see that these kids understood the message we were trying to get across."

What: Dexter's Amazing African Adventure
Where: The Blue Baths
When: Until October 9