He sleeps in a shed at the back of a local office and the staff leave him biscuits.

The office recently approached the Rotorua Daily Post asking how it could help a homeless man who had been sleeping in its garden shed for the past two months.

The office manager, who did not want her or her office to be named, said the first time the staff saw him he was coming out of their drive on June 21.

"I remember because we had a meeting. Someone came from the back of the building and we didn't know where he came from."


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She said later on in July they found blankets in the shed so they put a packet of biscuits in there.

"We don't want to turf him out, but we just want to know what we can do.

"We don't use the shed so we don't really go out there. He had a thin foam mattress, but just today I went and had a look and there's a full double mattress with blankets and a pillow.

"We haven't done anything about it because we have heard there are lots of homeless people who have nowhere to go.

"He's not hurting anybody. We are wondering if there's anything more we can do? If he needs a home he is welcome to stay there but we would like to help him," she said.

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17 Sep, 2016 9:00am
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