DOC rangers are preparing to plant 7500 native trees into Rotorua Conservation Areas and volunteers are invited to help get them in the ground.

Toetoe, flax, kohuhu, lemonwood, koromiko, manuka and giant umbrella sedge will be planted into areas including Waikite Geothermal Wetland, Okataina Scenic Reserve and around Rainbow Mountain (Maunga Kakaramea).

"Each year, our tree planting effort is supplemented by volunteers who do a tremendous job of helping us plant these trees. To best conditions for planting are right now - the frosts have gone and it's not too hot - so the pressure to get them in the ground is on" said biodiversity ranger Paul Cashmore.

September and October are the preferred dates of planting to ensure survival of the shrubs and trees.


"Plants are more likely to survive if there is a good amount of moisture in the ground and it's not too hot. We also need to avoid the frosts which affect us earlier in the year."

The areas which will receive new plants are part of ongoing restoration work. A similar number of plants are planted each year.

Volunteers who are able to help with unloading plants, spraying weeds or planting are asked to email