Potholes surrounding the roundabout at Te Ngae and Tarawera Rds have been causing problems for motorists, with one woman saying she had to replace a new tyre because of them.

But relief is in sight - the New Zealand Transport Agency has told the Rotorua Daily Post it would start work tonight on interim repairs to the road.

Te Arawa Fresh Seafood supervisor Hayley Raethel said she drove over the potholes three times a day getting her children to and from school and herself to work.

"I brought a new car two months ago and I have already gone through a new tyre because of the potholes.


"I can only imagine what it's like for the customers... it needs to be fixed, it will end up being a sink hole.

"I'm horrified it hasn't been fixed, it's been there for months. It's surprising, especially because it's a main road."

Nearby resident Luke Roigard said it was hard to drive over on his scooter.

"It's annoying when you go around it on a scooter, you almost bounce off the seat.

"I'm surprised they haven't done something about it already."

A woman who works near the roundabout, who didn't want to be named, said if she tried to avoid it she got caught in traffic.

"It's been like that for a couple of months. I have a ute and it's so bad for the suspension, when I first went over it I nearly broke my teeth," she said.

"But it's not just the potholes approaching the roundabout, it's the whole roundabout. Something needs to be done," she said.

New Zealand Transport Agency's Bay of Plenty highways manager, Niclas Johansson said the agency was aware of the potholes.

"Our contractors have received four official complaints over the past three weeks since the problem was identified.

"The contractors have not been able to complete the repairs earlier because of the wet weather. However they do plan to start interim repairs after peak hour tonight."

He said potholes occurred when cracks in the asphalt got wet causing further deterioration.

"Transport Agency contractors do their best to maintain the highway, however in cold and wet winter conditions these types of repairs are not as durable."

He said they expected permanent repairs to take place in summer.

"While the repair work is carried out there will be a change to the road layout and speed restrictions. Motorists can expect minor delays and are being asked to drive with care."

He said if anyone saw issues on the state highway network they should call (0800) 44 44 49 (0800 4 HIGHWAYS).