Since Rotorua Library removed charges for its adult fiction collection books have quite literally been flying off the shelves.

Library director Jane Gilbert said the decision to make adult fiction books free to borrow coincided with the library's move to temporary facilities in Pukuatua Street.

While the move is temporary the charges on the fiction collection have been permanently removed.

Throughout the library's history there has been a charge on the majority of the recreational reading material for adults at Rotorua Library. Mrs Gilbert remembered 5 cent charges on adult fiction books in the 1960s. This charge had stayed at the same rate of $1 since 1991.

While children's fiction has always been loaned free of charge Rotorua Library wants to encourage adults to read more fiction.

"Why should only children have all the fun?" said Mrs Gilbert.

"Reading fiction is not only pleasurable but it has many other benefits as well. It also improves creativity and inspires your imagination. There is growing evidence that it reduces stress and improves empathy. It's good for you and now it's free!"

Customers like Kathryn Beattie are giving the new policy the thumbs up.

"I used to go straight to the large print section for free books but now I have so many more to choose from, it's great!"

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