Impostors pretending to be from a local residents association are asking locals for money, prompting a warning for the community to be vigilant.

According to the Eastside Residents Action Group Facebook page, members received reports of door-knockers in the Lynmore area over the weekend asking for money to join the action group, or the newly incorporated Eastside Residents Association.

Both groups were set up to combat noise issues in Rotorua's eastern suburbs because of the Lumbercube mill.

Rotorua police confirmed they had received a complaint.


"These are not approaches made or sanctioned from our group, and you should not give any money or any personal bank account details to these people," the Facebook page reported.

Association secretary Ros Morshead said if the reports were true, it was disappointing and a timely reminder for people to be vigilant.

"We are not sure how widespread it is, but these people could be trying to take advantage of a vulnerable and stressed community.

"Remain vigilant and call the police if there are any suspicions."

She said it was definitely not a member of the association.

Rotorua police crime prevention manager Inspector Stu Nightingale said he had not yet been briefed about the Lynmore situation but he issued a general warning.

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10 Jun, 2016 9:00am
2 minutes to read

"If any people have come to your door asking for money that they should not be asking for, just report it to the police.

"Some people will do this before they do a burglary to see if anyone is home.

"Call us about any suspicious behaviour, and unless they are legitimate, ask for ID, or send them packing.

"No one should have any reason to be intimidated by them. But, there are plenty of opportunists out there who will try anything. If you don't feel comfortable, don't speak to them and call the police."