Ballet fans who missed out on tickets to the Royal New Zealand Ballet's production of the Wizard of Oz will still have the chance to see the dancers in action, during a special behind the scenes performance.

Fans leaped to buy tickets for the Rotorua shows of the Wizard of Oz and Royal New Zealand Ballet media and communications manager Andrea Tandy said they "led the pack" with both shows sold out - and some disappointed fans.

But those who missed out will still get the chance to see the dancers in action with the company holding a 'behind the scenes' session this Saturday.

She said it was a chance to sneak a peek at what the top dancers do to prepare for a show.


Anyone can see Warm Up, Curtain Up, whether they have a ticket to the performance or not, Ms Tandy said.

"It is an opportunity for anyone to see what's involved with being a ballet dancer and it's part of our education and community events," she said.


* What: Warm Up, Curtain Up: Royal NZ Ballet

* Where: Rotorua Civic Theatre

* When: Saturday, May 28, 6.20pm

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