If you struggled with the cold this morning you're not alone - Rotorua has shivered into the coldest morning of the year so far.

Metservice meterologist Emma Blades said this morning's 1.9C is the chilliest morning of 2016, and it was still "super cold" outside.

While the temperatures are fairly normal for the end of May, Mrs Blades said it felt colder because of the warm temperatures the country has experienced during autumn

"It was not too bad last night at about 10C but then it dropped and dropped and dropped all night."


She said the temperature would slowly pick up during the day, reaching about 12C

The bad news is Rotorua is expected to be hit by a band of showers around lunchtime with some "quite beefy showers" expected.

"It looks like it will be a bit of a showery time for the next couple of days."

Tomorrow was expected to be quite wet with some quite heavy showers in the evening and the showery weather would carry on right through into Wednesday night, she said.

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3 Jun, 2016 11:05am
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