So what's the first thing a girl looks for in an outfit? Shoes, definitely shoes, and I have to say I love my new dancing shoes.

Thanks to Shelley who ordered the wrong size for herself, my small feet are super comfy and blister-free.

Other than the shoes though, this dancing thing is proving to be a lot harder than I originally thought.

After our first private lesson Brent Park and I had figured out the first 30 seconds of our routine - it took us two hours!


We start with a bit of fancy footwork and move into some fast twirling which makes us both incredibly dizzy, I'm really surprised I haven't face-planted yet, maybe I'm saving that for the night.

Although our lessons have now turned private we still manage to see the other pairs and get a glimpse of what they are up to as the hall is open to us during all lessons - everyone is starting to look on form.

Yesterday I got to meet the lovely photographer Tracey Scott Robinson who is partnered with local cop Brodie Fowler.

While dancing with Brent on the other side of the room, Tracey and Brodie seemed to be having a friendly conversation and suddenly the colour red filled Brodie's face and his honking laugh burst from his mouth, this is the first time he has met Tracey and she could not stop laughing.

They are definitely going to be a great watch.

But the couple to keep an eye on and perhaps to keep up with seems to be Justin Nichols and Kiri Danielle, they're already practising their lifts!

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The new wildcards, Rodney Conrad and Judi Ann Geenty, have definitely upped the game, both have a background in dancing and I had a sneak peak at their first practice last night. It was a bit intimidating ... ahh she'll be right.

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