Rotorua group Youth in Emergency Services has received national recognition, being named the runner-up at the Trustpower National Community Awards.

The awards were announced on Saturday night at the 2015 Trustpower National Community Awards Dinner, held at the Dunedin Town Hall.

The announcement comes after a full day for the 25 teams participating in the 2015 Trustpower National Community Awards. Each regional team gave an eight minute presentation during four judging sessions, as well as provide a 1000 word summary about the group.

Youth in Emergency Services was represented at the awards by Blair Gilbert and Phillip Muldoon, along with Rotorua mayor Steve Chadwick and her husband John Chadwick.


The organisation received $2500 prize money plus a certificate and an Exult consultancy voucher worth $500.

Mr Gilbert said they were ecstatic and humbled by the award.

"You don't do this kind of work to get an award, you do it because it's right and helps make New Zealand a better place, but we are appreciative of the recognition for the hard work we are doing.

"We had an amazing time in Dunedin and it was humbling to be around all these people doing other amazing things in their communities."

Mr Gilbert said the presentation was a "great team effort with others involved going right back to the start".

"Even though it was Steve, Phil and I representing the programme, there are so many others behind its success - particularly the volunteer emergency service staff who were willing to think differently and dedicate their time to help it grow."

Mrs Chadwick said the programme was well received by other regions.

"There were a lot of other areas who said they would benefit from this programme and thought it was fantastic.

"Both Blair and Phillip did a remarkable job and made us all proud."

A brand new award was also announced and presented to Murupara Youth Leadership Projects Team from Whakatane District for being identified as a group with strong potential to grow.

The 2015 Trustpower National Community Award Supreme Winner was West Otago Health Trust from the Clutha District.

It was also announced that Rotorua will host the 2016 Trustpower National Community Awards in March 2017.

Around 160 people will converge on Rotorua for the 17th annual three-day event.