Rotorua mayor Steve Chadwick has told supporters "there's more to do" and that it was onwards and upwards for the community.

Her mayoral re-election campaign launch was held at the Stratosfare Restaurant this evening.

"We made a start at the last election, we did a lot of things, there is unfinished business and there is more to do," she said.

"Three years ago I said that we can energise Rotorua together. I said we will not let the heart of the city stagnate.


"I said Rotorua would become the designation of choice to rest, restore and re-energise - the Spa Capital of the Pacific."

She said the priorities of the forward-looking 16-year plan Vision 2030 would not change, though it would be tweaked here and there with community input.

She said the revitalisation of the Heart of the City would continue and would be enhanced with the introduction of a second-generation plan to establish inner-city housing.

Mrs Chadwick said ongoing generations would benefit from a state-of-the-art modernised library with a Children's Hub, regardless of what the "naysayers" said.

Mrs Chadwick also announced that current deputy mayor Dave Donaldson would continue as her deputy.

"Rotorua is on the move, Rotorua is in the zone, Rotorua has taken off."

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Rotorua local Deryck Pilkington said he was happy to support Mrs Chadwick because she had done lots and really got things moving in town.

"The place is on a roll," Mrs Chadwick said.

Supporter Roz Hunt said she thought Mrs Chadwick was doing a good job and she wanted "to see what she's got coming up next".