The head girl of Rotorua Girls' High School wanted to be a school leader from the first time she walked through the gates.

Jordyn Tereu, 17, said since she saw the school leaders when she was in Year 9 in 2012, she had wanted to be like them.

"I didn't think it would come true." Jordyn said she had to work hard to keep everything balanced, as she played a lot of sport and had commitments outside of school. She said it was the people who had inspired her to be a leader.

"I grew this passion for wanting to empower the youth to live life fully."


Jordyn said having a voice and being able to set an example were the things she liked about being in a leadership role. "You are in the position where you are heard and also being looked up to by the younger years."

The start of the school year had already seen many responsibilities arise, including giving a speech and talking to parents at the school's sport expo and the Year 9 and 10 barbecue, she said.

She is also taking part in the Cactus programme this year as a mentor, which is a fitness programme run by the police to develop teamwork and discipline. Jordyn plays rugby and sevens, social volleyball and social basketball.

She also plays rugby for the Bay of Plenty.

Rotorua Girls' High School careers and marketing assistant Abigail Hartevelt said Jordyn either wanted to join the Defence Force next year or study medicine

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