Rotorua Lakes High School student Liam Dixon reckons he's living the dream.

He goes to school then gets to perform on stage every night as a cast member of The Choice at the Blue Baths. The talented 15-year-old is playing the role of a stage manager in the comedy parody that takes the mickey out of reality television programmes.

He said the show was brilliant and funny, and more local teenagers should go along to see it.

"It's aimed at a younger audience so I think if more teenagers came, they would really enjoy it," he said.


Liam has been studying drama for the past four years and hopes to travel overseas to go to university to study drama.

Although performing on the show almost every night and juggling his school commitments can be tough, he said it was worth the effort.

"The cast are super amazing and I'm learning heaps off them ... It's pretty intense going to school but then I get to go to a show and be on stage. It's the best of both worlds."

Blue Baths managing director and The Choice producer Jo Romanes said the show had been getting great reviews and some people had come back a second time.

"At the weekend we had people there from Tauranga, Matamata, Te Awamutu and Auckland. It's quite nice it is bringing people to the city."

However, Mrs Romanes said she knew more locals would enjoy the show.

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"People think because it is a five-week season, there's plenty of time. But time is moving on. Some dates are already full yet others are pretty free. It would be great if people could book ahead."

She said the show would particularly appeal to teenagers because of its links with reality TV shows.

"We're struggling to get the teens in because I guess they don't really see the Blue Baths as somewhere they'd normally come but I'm sure once word spreads, they'd really enjoy it."

To get more teenagers along, Mrs Romanes is offering grandstand seating for $10 each for those aged 18 and under (normally $25), with proof of age.

"It's such a great show for the generation who have grown up with TV talent shows, hopefully they will enjoy the parody of taking the mickey from some of those stereotyped characters that these shows seem to inevitably attract. "

- Until February 26. Tickets are $10 to $55 and can be bought by going to or calling (07) 350 2119.
The Choice:

* Comedy parody at the Blue Baths running until February 26

* Grandstand seating now $10 for those under 18 (normally $25)

* Tickets cost $10 to $55