Kiwi chick lovers have spoken and Kiwi Encounter's milestone 1500th kiwi chick now has a name.

Hundreds of suggested names for the chick have rolled in from around the country over the last couple of weeks since the chick hatched late on on Christmas Day at Kiwi Encounter, Rainbow Springs' kiwi hatchery.

Mighty Dash is the winning pick, recognising the chick's speedy one and a half minute hatch and MD representing 1500 in Roman numerals.

Rainbow Springs Kiwi Encounter kiwi husbandry manager Claire Travers said the chick was doing well and was now in the outdoor run along with a couple of other chicks, Messiah and Flounder, for company.


"Mighty Dash is very lively and wriggly and not that happy about being held."

Named by Nina Juby, 12, and Leo Juby, 10, from Ohaupo, they love Rainbow Springs and are frequent visitors.

The family is looking forward to visiting the chick for the first time soon.

Mighty Dash will be released back to the Tongariro National Park in a few months once he has reached around 1kg in weight and is strong enough to survive back in the wild.

Mighty Dash marks a significant achievement in kiwi conservation by the Kiwi Encounter team, its invaluable work is operated by a trust funded with donations from Ngai Tahu Tourism, sponsors and the public.

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Facts about Mighty Dash:
* D.O.H (date of hatch): December 25, 11.11pm
* The egg was 49 days old upon arrival at Rainbow Springs' Kiwi Encounter
* The egg arrived at Rainbow Springs' Kiwi Encounter on November 26, 2015
* The chick's father is called Chance - and this is Chance's first offspring to hatch at Rainbow Springs Kiwi Ecounter