FULL credit, as they say in the sporting world, to the five locals who have so far put their hands up to part in the Rotorua Hospice fundraising event Dancing with Rotorua Stars.

The one-off event in August will be loosely based on shows such as Dancing with the Stars - with 20 local identities and everyday people putting on their sequins and feathers and showing off their best moves in front of an expected crowd of a thousand or so.

The hospice needs to raise nearly $1 million a year to make up for a funding shortfall, which means raffles and sausage sizzles are not going to cut it.

Dancing with Rotorua Stars is something different that hopefully will capture the public's imagination in a similar way to the local boxing fight nights.


I must admit when the call went up around the newsroom for a volunteer to represent the Rotorua Daily Post I have never heard such silent reporters.

A few even conveniently disappeared.

That's because for most of us, dancing in front of a crowd is the stuff nightmares are made of.

So well done to the brave souls - including our own Kyra Dawson - who are putting themselves outside their comfort zones for a worthy cause.

I encourage anyone out there with a desire to dance to get involved.

For the more rhythmically-challenged, look out for ticket details closer to the time.

The hospice does an incredible job in the Rotorua community and deserves all the support we can give the event. I'll be there. Just don't expect me to dance.

ShamefulIt's a real shame to hear some locals think it's acceptable to dump their rubbish on the doorsteps of our charity shops.

Opshops play an invaluable role in the community - both in terms of raising money for various charities and giving people on tight budgets affordable options when it comes to clothing, household goods, furniture and the like.

Most are staffed largely by volunteers, who give up their time to sort through donations and make them saleable.

So imagine having to sort through bags containing needles, soiled mattresses, filled nappies and even condoms.

It's a disgrace for which there is no excuse.