This week's Newsmaker is Milesh Kumar, the long-time owner of Sunset Pricecutter Superette, who is one of a group of local dairy owners calling for harsher penalties for those who rob dairies.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born in Suva, the Fiji tropical paradise.

What motivated you to move?


The Fiji military coup forced us to move to New Zealand in 1987.

How did life change for you after the move?

We originally settled in Auckland for 11 years but decided to move to Rotorua in 2000 to buy a new business. Then in 2005 we bought a run down shop on Sunset Rd, Pukehangi and turned it into a new business, Sunset Pricecutter. It was a small dairy and we converted into a bigger store, it was a lot of hard work but also a new challenge.

What do you love about your job?

Every day is different and exciting, meeting and chatting with my customers about their life and problems. You also make a lot of friends. I also love helping my senior customers, deliver to their homes and take a caretaker role for some of them.

What are the harder parts of your job?

The downside to the business is the long hours involved. We've also had some bad experiences - the store was robbed. There is always the risk factor of being hurt on the job and it is affecting my family's life.

What is your favourite thing about Rotorua?


What I love about Rotorua is the fantastic neighbourhood that I live in, my area Pukehangi is very friendly and supportive of me. I also love golf at my local golf club, Springfield, and the easy access to all the lakes.

Who's your favourite golfer?

Tiger Woods is my favourite, he just inspires me - although I play nothing like him.

Tell us three things about yourself that most people wouldn't know.

I am pure vegetarian, a good Chinese chef and most people wouldn't know that I've always aspired to be an All Black and hope Steve Hansen will make a call to me one day.