Bernie Mahar is dedicated to safety and support for his neighbours, which is why he joined Neighbourhood Support.
The father of 11 has been volunteering with Neighbourhood Support for more than four years after he decided to take action against crime in the community.
Mr Mahar said he enjoyed being a volunteer because he could connect with his neighbours while making the community a safer place.
"I'm the old boy on the block, I have to make sure the neighbourhood is okay," he said.
As a volunteer, Mr Mahar takes on many roles, which include keeping an inventory of the number of people and children in the area in case of a disaster, watching for suspicious people around the neighbourhood, promoting community awareness and providing support in the event of a burglary.
He said getting to know your neighbours was important but very few made the effort.
"Hardly anybody in New Zealand actually knows their neighbours and that is very sad."
Mr Mahar has also previously volunteered at the Lions Club for 35 years.