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Sharon Russell and her family opened up their home to victims of the Canterbury earthquake - now they're being treated to some Rotorua hospitality.
That's thanks to the generosity of Rotorua moteliers Jason and Emma Edworthy and some of the city's attractions.
Mrs Russell and her husband Paul live in Kaiapoi and while their home was not damaged in the September 4 earthquake in Canterbury, several of their friends' homes were.
And so the Russells decided to open their home to three other families, accommodating an extra 14 people.
"It's just what you do. It's second nature.
"It made sense, they needed somewhere. They were going to go down to one of those shelters and I said 'no you're not'," Mrs Russell said.
Now the couple and eight members of their family are enjoying a break away after the Edworthys opened their motel to them, giving them $840-worth of free accommodation.
Rotorua attractions Skyline Skyrides, Te Puia, Polynesian Spa and Rainbow Springs also pitched in, giving the family free passes.
The family arrived in Rotorua on Thursday and will head to Hamilton tomorrow after Mrs Russell's daughter Gina Keating performs at the Entertainer of the Year awards in Rotorua tonight.
Mr Edworthy said he made the offer of free accommodation to affected Cantabrians through a radio station's Facebook group "Homes for Cantabs".
Mr Edworthy said their offer was not part of the wider Rotorua Association of Motels offer of 200 nights' free accommodation. Last month the association offered the free accommodation to Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker and they have been put in a pool with other offers and were yet to be taken up.
"We took the bull by the horns and made the offer become a reality," Mr Edworthy said.
"I am sure Sharon and her family are very deserving people who gave their home to three other friends and family after the quake. Now is their time to take a break from the quake and have a great time in Rotorua," Mrs Edworthy said.
Mrs Keating said she would have struggled to get to Rotorua to perform tonight without the Edworthys' generosity.
She was to hold a fundraising concert on September 5 in Kaiapoi - the day after the devastating earthquake - but it had to be canned.
"If it wasn't for them [the Edworthys] we wouldn't have been able to come."
Mrs Keating, husband Paul and their three children Josh, 5, Jordan, 2 and Daniel, 6 months, have come up for the weekend joined by Mrs Keating's close friend Fiona Combe.
For the Russells' 11-year-old twin boys John and Tahu, it is the first time they have visited Rotorua.
Tahu said he was looking forward to relaxing in Rotorua and going on the luge.
"It just feels good getting away from all of the disaster."