A Te Puke Trust is encouraging people get creative with recyclable materials, while stuck in their lockdown bubbles, for a competition.

Vector Group Charitable Trust is holding a Raspberry Pi 4 Case Design and Build Upcycled Competition - "Recycled Material".

Through this competition people in the community have the chance to win the latest and smallest 4k computer.

Two "case design and build" prize winners will be announced and will win a Raspberry Pi 4 kit each, with there being two categories - Best usable and creative design and best wackiest and "out of the box thinking" design.


The two prizes come with a pre-built case that can be assembled, but this competition is for people to design and build a case out of recycled materials.

Vector Group's Stephen Fawcett says the trust had already had this project planned without Covid-19 restrictions.

He says the trust had two Raspberry Pi 4 computers bought before lockdown, and that this was a great time to get all ages involved.

Stephen says this is an environmental, technology, art and inclusion project.

"Seeing Covid-19 restrictions have been put in place, along with discontinued services in our town like recycling, we thought this would be a great all-rounder project that was fun and rewarding."

He says Vector Group has noticed a huge bombardment of social interaction due to the current situation.

Stephen says being online can waste a huge amount of time, and with the increase of social posts, viral videos and constant inundation of media, being purposeful in continuous learning can be sidetracked.

"Due to Covid limitations of essential services, our recycling centres have had to close.


"We thought this is a great idea to contribute to waste minimisation with a bit of a creative touch and upcycling some old-school or unwanted stuff to make something unique, usable and fun.

"Saving our environment begins with the little things."

He says this is a powering on technology initiative as well.

"Raspberry Pi 4's are great to learn code and computing and come with a huge resource of learning available online."

He says they are putting no limitations on participants' creativity, design skills and handiwork, and that all ages may enter - "We are hoping for a good turnout of diverse entries".

"Due to Covid isolation requirements, we thought it best to release something fun you can do at home, it can be a family entry, individual entry or if you are here from overseas and can no longer work, what better to get into than something fun with no limitations."

Stephen says during times like this, some resources are not as accessible as they are usually.

"For example, we would love to build an outdoor area but have no access to wood as suppliers are only open to trade customers.

"Our son wanted to build a pull-up bar, but had nothing really to build with. After some out-of-the-box thinking, we took an old piece of long steel pipe we had lying around, and tied it to the top of a cage trailer to make a pull-up bar. It worked!"

He says for them, they've had to learn to try to do things on a budget. Often that includes reusing existing material and repurposing it.

"Being creative with DIY helps you cross hurdles, like not being able to buy specific materials or having excess of things that would usually get dumped."

Stephen says this is just one of the projects Vector Group has on during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The Vector Group Charitable Trust's vision is a community where diversity is celebrated and every person feels included, and its mission is to create opportunities for healthy connections and self-expression.

For more information on the competition and entry conditions go to www.facebook.com/events/1237897769934913

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