I disagree with Maurice Mckeown (Letters, May 14) that increasing taxes is the only way to pay teachers what they really deserve.

The answer is quite simple.

Reduce the salaries of the grossly overpaid politicians, along with the perks and bonuses they receive, as well as cancel all the free travel and perks given to the spouses of past politicians.

Those savings would more than increase the teacher pay to an acceptable level, and some left over.


Gwyneth Jones

Be careful out there

I have driven from Tauranga through Katikati, leaving Tauranga at 7.45am this morning, Tuesday, May 14. It surprised me to see local drivers taking unnecessary risks on this road, possibly one of the most dangerous in the country.

I observed this morning:

(A) Male driver trying to turn right out of Wairoa Rd to the city. Why not go under the bridge and turn left?

(B) Female driver trying to turn right out of Quarry Rd, once again trying to cross two lanes of traffic. For goodness sake, isn't it safer to turn left and then turn right where it is safer?

(C) Cyclist (female) between Hot Springs Rd and Katikati. No reflective clothing, no flashing red light.

Sadly, I believe crash and fatality statistics on this stretch of the road show a significant number of locals being involved. When are they going to learn?

As the police captain on TV programme Hill St Blues used to say before his squad went on duty; "Heh, be careful out there!"

Don Hoult

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