SPCA's Rotorua Centre is desperately seeking experienced homes for two horses who have each spent more than 400 days in SPCA care.

Molly and Mocha came to SPCA in August 2018, after inspectors found that their welfare needs were not being sufficiently met.

Currently in foster care, SPCA is desperate to find Molly and Mocha experienced, knowledgeable homes where they can receive the care, training and love they deserve.

SPCA animal welfare inspector Alex Jones said that, despite their rough start in life, "in the right home Molly and Mocha will thrive. We don't know why they haven't had much interest yet".


Molly, a thnree-year-old bay Thoroughbred mare, was great to handle and, "has heaps of potential", said Jones.

Molly is in need of a home. Photo / Supplied
Molly is in need of a home. Photo / Supplied

"Molly needs an experienced and knowledgeable home, preferably someone with experience dealing with unstarted (unbroken) horses. She would excel in an English competitive home once started."

Mocha, an 18-month-old bay mare Thoroughbred Cross, arrived at the SPCA with Molly and has an, "awesome eager nature and is very quick learner", said Jones.

"Mocha needs a knowledgeable home but could be a great choice for someone to learn how to start a horse due to her calm and quick learning personality."

After spending nearly her whole life in SPCA care, Mocha "is easily trainable and has potential to burn", said Jones.

"All she needs is an experienced owner and to be started in once she's old enough."

Also looking for homes are Joe and Chewie, two horses who have now been at Rotorua's SPCA centre for more than three months.

Joe is in need of a home. Photo / Supplied
Joe is in need of a home. Photo / Supplied

A dark bay 19-year-old TB gelding, Joe's most recent home did hacking and trekking, and is a great horse to ride in company, said Jones.


However, he does need regular riding, to "avoid being naughty".

"Joe would be great as a happy hacker once he has been brought back into work, or good as a calm paddock mate to look after other horses."

Chewie, a six-month-old bay pony colt, also came to SPCA in August and, like Mocha, has spent most of his life in SPCA care.

Jones said he was sweet, curious and eager for attention.

"Chewie is a complete blank canvas and needs a couple years to grow before he can be started. He will be perfect for someone wanting to bring on their own baby."

Chewie is in need of a home. Photo / Supplied
Chewie is in need of a home. Photo / Supplied

SPCA operates a no time limit policy for adoption animals, meaning the horses will stay in SPCA care until they all find homes of their own who have the time and patience to help train them.

Despite the challenges these horses have faced, Jones said with time, patience and loving homes, all four would blossom.

"These horses all have huge potential - they just need a patient, experienced home to help them reach it", said Jones.